ServiceTonic software throughout your organization

ServiceTonic is a scalable, high-performing technology software designed to support customer support processes throughout different areas of your organization.

ServiceTonic Multi Service capability adds value throughout your organization, much beyond the IT Department.

  • Automate IT and customer support services as well as any other type of services.
  • Easily customize each service with unique fields, forms, business rules, contacts, users and agents.
  • Beyond IT: Within one ServiceTonic installation create as many services as your organization requires, for those departments that want to efficiently manage service requests, incidents and queries including Customer or Citizen Care, HR, Financial, Logistics, Facilities Management, Sales and Marketing departments.

Predefined service design

Predefined Service Designs

  • ServiceTonic’s templates are a series of predefined service designs that are available to our customers.
  • Each template has a service definition with his own fields, forms, business rules, views, reports, dashboards, equipment and roles among other parameters preconfigured according to the type of service.
  • They are the result of our knowledge and experience in the development of services, and they are based on the best practices observed over the years by ServiceTonic and its alignment with ITIL®.
Service Desk implementation

Fast Implementation

  • Improve the ease of Service Desk implementation and allow exporting an already defined service to use it as a template for a new one and customize any template without coding.
  • Meet the unique service design needs of different sectors and business areas such as IT Service Management, Customer Service, Human Resources and more.

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