ServiceTonic – Creciendo Juntos welcomes Smart Help Solutions Ecuador

As part of our Growing Together program, focused on the international development of operations and quality in the service provided, we are pleased to announce the presence of a new strategic ally in Ecuador.

New partner in Ecuador: Smart Help Solutions. Focused on the development of operations and quality in the service provided in Help Desk, Service Desk.
Smart Help Soluciones is an Ecuadorian company founded in 2009 by a team of experienced information technology consultants. It was born as a company specialized in technological solutions for different sectors that seek to ensure their business based on technological continuity.
It stands out for providing Clients with integral solutions for their projects and technological requirements with a serious commitment to quality and service. Our mission is to offer solutions that optimize processes, guarantee security and reduce operating costs within organizations.
In this way, Smart Help Solutions will collaborate in the growth of ServiceTonic in Ecuador, provide the First Level of Service to ServiceTonic users adding value to each and every one of the operations and collaborate in the implementation and start-up of new facilities. Cloud how On-Premise.
For our part, ServiceTonic collaborates closely with its partners to identify local needs, new developments for the improvement and continuous adaptability of our solution, as well as provide the second level of technical attention.
ServiceTonic already has clients and references in the region and through the strategic alliance with Smart Help we make sure that our levels of service, customer service and technical support continue to be of the highest level.

¡Welcome Smart Help!

For more information about our Growing Together program as well as Smart Help Solutions visit our Partners website.

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