Thank you for making it simpler and more powerful

ServiceTonic is now simpler and more powerful. The new version v6.0 is available for update.

Let us introduce you to an easier to use tool, with new features in service automation as the result of half a year aimed at realizing the things you have asked for.

ServiceTonic v6.0 comes to life from our commitment to listening to our customers and offer them a robust solution that improves their productivity and efficiency, every day.
An agile, on-cloud software that follows ITIL best practices and enhances the user experience by becoming more visual and simpler to use.
ServiceTonic v6.0 provides the capability to extend Service Management to the whole organization (ESM) by offering Service design templates. These are pre-configured, out of the box solution designs that accelerate service rollouts, an increasing need in the digital transformation challenge.

What’s new in ServiceTonic v6.0

Find out in detail here what is new:
We will tell you how ServiceTonic is more intuitive, faster and safer.
We will introduce you to the new workflow designer, a tool that helps automate ticket lifecycles graphically.
And you will also learn more about network scanning with our new Network Discovery Tool.

What makes us improve

Our customers are our driving force for change.
Thanks to them, we know the most specific needs in the day-to-day management of services and we are able to achieve excellence in details.
At ServiceTonic we care about the details, we want your Service Desk to adapt completely to you and be your perfect ally in the management of your services. ServiceTonic v6.0 is now easier and more powerful thanks to your feedback.

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