New dashboard, completely redesigned application agents and a new fully integrated chat module

Introducing the new version of ServiceTonic, the help desk software, IT Management (ITSM), Customer Service and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This new version represents further progress to continue being at the forefront of management applications and automation services.
The version 5.5 incorporates important improvements and new features among which are a new dashboard, application agents completely redesigned and a new chat module fully integrated with the rest of the application.


New dashboard incorporates graphics and has the ability to define different types of indicators. In order to have at a glance all relevant information to manage efficiently our service.
Dashboards are fully configurable, each service can have multiple dashboards, such as an Incident Management Dashboard and another Inventory Management (CMDB) Dashboard and each having separate panels or indicators (KPI).
The panels can be of type List, Calendar, Total or Graphics Trends and Stacked.
The configuration of the Dashboards is simple, allowing you to define levels of visibility for each agent to access information that applies.
Interactive dashboards allow, for example, access to urgent issues by selecting the corresponding portion of a graph.

Redesign of the applciation for agents

The application for agents has been completely redesigned to provide more power and flexibility with the same ease of use and it incorporates various improvements among which are:

  • Hot keys: Hot Key shortcuts in the main pages.
  • Customizable Home Menu: creating accessible links from the menu application.
  • Filters in all listings: Possibility to filter the information resulting from a view.
  • Export content of the views in different formats: PDF, Excel and XML
  • More agile searches, with the possibility to add multiple filters to a view.
  • Display of ingredients: useful content for agents (documents and notes).
  • Pop-up messages: alerts and alarms for agents.
  • Running macros: running business rules on one or more tickets.

ServiceTonic Chat

ServiceTonic 5.5 includes a Chat fully integrated with the rest of the application that enables a new channel of communication between agents and customers or users.
The incorporation of this popular instant messaging system extends the possibilities of use of ServiceTonic for both end users and agents, a clear benefit for the entire company.

For Users:

  • Access service or customer support in real time from the user portal of ServiceTonic or from any corporate website.
  • Chat between a user and one or more agents.
  • Automatic sending of messages creating a new ticket, if there are no available agents.

For agents:

  • Availability of chat as a new channel of communication with the user.
  • Access to chat via widgets available throughout the application or by accessing the management console chat.
  • Consultation active chats and managing multiple simultaneous chats.
  • Create tickets from chat conversations incorporating the history of the ticket.
  • Integration of a chat on an existing ticket.
  • Banning from robots and spam.
  • Real-time notifications.

Other improvements

ServiceTonic 5.5 also incorporates more improvements such as:

  • Contact access control. Allows to restrict access of agents to contacts based on a certain field value of a contact.
  • Device assignment control. Allows to define which devices can assign a role: my devices, all, some.
  • Assignment via round robin. New policy to assign tickets rotationally (round robin).
  • Selection of attachments in notifications. Allows to specify which attachments of a ticket will be attached to email notifications.
  • The inclusion of html and Excel tables in history. The history allows the inclusion of html and Excel tables.
  • Improved ticket importing. Improved ticket loading from files with the ability to update existing tickets.
  • Improved usability of maintenance pages.

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