Check out the new enhancements and fixes!

New Features

  • Views User Portal. New feature that lets you define the views that users see in the user portal. [KB#225]
  • Create tickets from an existing (User Portal). Ability to create a ticket from an existing one. Clone a ticket. [KB#225]
  • New Client configurations roles. New parameters in defining the roles of client. [KB#401]
  • stProcess to copy files from one ticket to a particular directory. A process that allows you to copy the attachments of a ticket to a particular directory. [KB#369]
  • Settings mailers without authentication. Possibility of integration with mail servers without using authentication.[KB#86]
  • New language: Portuguese (Brazil) Inclusion of Brazilian Portuguese throughout the application.
  • Loading files from mobile application. Ability to attach files to a ticket from the mobile application. [KB#373]


  • Fixed problem with Ci’s loads associated contacts.
  • Fixed bug in lock quick actions.
  • Improved performance of concurrent sessions.
  • Fixed error scheduled reports with parameters.
  • Resolution of several minor incidents.

How to upgrade ?

License. Please contact our support team sending an email from the contact.
Cloud. ServiceTonic upgrades your version automatically.

Access ChangeLog for detailed information about this new version

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