The new version of the ServiceTonic 4.0 software provides more power and flexibility

Power consisting of a broad functionality providing all the elements to automate and manage services effectively and flexibility, which together with the ServiceTonic multi-service capability, allows to provide value in multiple areas of activity, including the most classic Help Desk, User Support , Customer Service and IT Management (ITSM), but also in many others, depending on the particular needs of each client, always in an easy way and without the need to program.
The new version 4.0 delves deeper into these premises, adapting to the current reality of service management, where the customer is hyperconnected and expects to have a smooth experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this, the service provider must also have the necessary tools to manage the service effectively and respond to any eventuality at any time and from anywhere.
ServiceTonic 4.0 incorporates a set of new functionalities, the vast majority of them resulting from the demands of customers or the market itself, among which we highlight:
• Mobility: “Customized mobility” is the concept of mobile access that ServiceTonic incorporates, which allows agents to access ServiceTonic from a mobile terminal, at any time and from anywhere, but also allows you to easily configure which content we want is available in mobility, optimizing the work that is done when we access from a Smartphone.
• Multi-Window Management: This new work mode allows you to have several tickets open simultaneously, each one in a tab or browser window, while also keeping the general list of tickets open. This functionality improves agents’ level of productivity by providing better access to information.
•New dependencies: Adapting to the needs of each service has always been a priority at ServiceTonic. In this case, the two new types of dependencies (extendable sections and dynamic tabs) make it possible to better structure the information and request the appropriate data according to each need.
•Automated reports: Being able to exploit information effectively, is also one of the constants of ServiceTonic. The automation of reports now allows you to conveniently plan the execution of a report so that it runs at a specific date and time and with a certain periodicity. When running the report automatically, ServiceTonic can send it by email to a distribution list or store it for later review.
• Graphic map in CMDB: Asset management now includes a graphic map that shows the relationships between the different assets and allows navigation through them and access to their details.
•Technological update: This new version has also meant the updating of some of the ServiceTonic base technology, which have already allowed incorporating some of the new functionalities but above all will allow evolving future versions more quickly and effectively.
• More than 100 new functionalities among which are included:

  • Availability of integration via Web Services.
  • More functionality in business rules.
  • Possibility of defining the subject of the mail in notifications.
  • Multiple optimizations.
  • Inclusion of parameters in web forms.
  • Improvements in searches of the knowledge database.
  • Automatic loading of numbers with different types of data (tickets, CI’s of the CMDB, relations of CI’s and contacts).
  • Inclusion of the Italian language.
  • Registration of the emails in copy in the received emails.
  • Integration with JIRA Soap.
  • Automatic ticket assignment based on the value of the TO field of an incoming mail.
  • Setting the screen size
  • Approval mechanism via email (approve, deny).
  • Automatic loading of automations.
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