Discover the new features of HelpDesk Software ServiceTonic 5.0

We are proud to present ServiceTonic 5.0, result of inputs from our extensive international network of partners, our customers, the demands of the market itself and the result of the enthusiasm and effort of our entire team.

This new version includes new features and technological changes that improve the user experience and increase the possibilities that ServiceTonic offers both in the field of Management and IT support, as in the Customer Care and Corporate Services Management.
A New User Portal, completely redesigned and fully configurable, and the inclusion of the Service Catalogue, are the great additions. Along with other innovations, make the most powerful version of ServiceTonic, which in turn maintains its usual high level of flexibility and ease of use, the commitment to alignment with ITIL best practices and the ability to manage all types of Corporate Services beyond IT.
The ingredients are pieces availables to users.

The main new features of this releas include:
  • New user portal.
  • Service Catalogue.
  • Flow Manager and ticket models.

New User Portal

Completely redesigned User Portal. Usable and configurable interface with the new concept of ‘ingredient‘.
The ingredients are pieces available to users. Combining the different ingredients available portal adapts to the specific needs of each user role allowing them, among other things, to consult tickets and global tickets, receive notifications, embed pages and access to corporate menu options, consult the knowledge database and access to documents
It is also possible to adapt the user portal to the corporate image
The ingredients, along with the access to Service Catalogue, turn ServiceTonic User Portal into a high value tool of for both customers / users and service providers.

Service Catalogue and Service Request 

With ServiceTonic 5.0 Service Catalogue, you can now make available to your users all the products and services offer, allowing easy access to them.
The Service Catalogue is fully configurable and can include for each of the products or services overview, images, price, delivery and other services or complimentary products.
Users access the Service Catalogue from the User Portal allowing them to consult each of the products and services available. Select which ones are your favourites, process service requests and track them. Users determine access to catalogue content role and permissions granted.
The Service Catalogue is defined in the CMDB and is fully integrated with the rest of ServiceTonic functionality, allowing the provision of services to automate workflows, automatic assignments, SLA’s, approvals, subtasks and any other ServiceTonic common element.

Flow Manager and Ticket Models

Another element that ServiceTonic 5.0 incorporates is a Workflow Manager, which allows us, together with the definition of subtasks, to have the concept of Ticket Model. A Ticket Model allows the definition of different subtasks to be performed to resolve any ticket types or processing a particular service request
A Ticket Model may also include a workflow with different steps, approvals, assignments, closing and delivery of surveys.

The 5.0 version also includes a number of new features an enhancements, among which are:

Ticket Archive. Ability to archive old tickets and restore at any time as required.
Mobility filter by contacts. Ability to search for tickets based on contacts.
Improvements in the calendar and appointment management. Ability to assign default view and record events and display colour depending on the status.
Improvements in Owner management. Sending notifications to the owner from business rules or notification rules and inclusion in Owner change history.
Improved user interface, usability and user experience.

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