The maximum size of attachments is 4MB.

By default, the maximum size of an attachment is set to 4MB.

If we have Admin rights we can change this value by going to:

[highlight colour=”orange”] Administration → Service → Service Administration[/highlight]

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NB: the size is expressed in bits (1MB = 1,000,000 bits). [highlight colour=”sky”]4000000 = 4MB[/highlight]

You can specify the value you want, for example: [highlight colour=”sky”]8000000 = 8MB[/highlight] or [highlight colour=”sky”]20000000 = 20MB[/highlight]

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Remember that for ST versions installed on Client owned Servers (On-premise Versions), the attachments are stored on the same server where ServiceTonic is installed. You can find them here:

[highlight colour=”sky”]…ServiceTonicapache-tomcatwebappsServiceTonicfiles[/highlight]
NB: The disk space determines the maximum number of files that can be stored.

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