Disashop is a platform for the distribution of prepaid electronic products, which has a commercial network of more than 52,000 points of sale in 6 different countries.

Through it, they reach more than 10 million final consumers each year where more than 350,000 transactions are processed per day.

Disashop selects ServiceTonic

Disashop is a Spanish company based in A Coruña and subsidiaries in Europe and America. It started its activity in 2002 and grows annually in the number of customers, transactions and sales with a volume of more than 300 million euros.
Disashop is a dynamic and solid company in which customer service is the priority and its goal is to be a world leader in the electronic distribution of consumer products.

The need

From the IT department, a Help Desk solution aimed at the management of incidents of internal technical support worldwide was sought, and all this was centralized from its offices in Spain. This solution should be aligned with the tools and good practices that ITIL proposes to then train the Service Desk team.
After searching and selecting different tools, they tried with three solutions of which ServiceTonic stood out as the best functionality / price ratio, as well as being more flexible, powerful and adaptable to their needs.
The leadership of ServiceTonic in the sector of the management of technological resources and the high standards in the quality of its application were decisive for the election.

The solution

The selection of ServiceTonic incorporated specific procedures and processes to make each contact more efficient, which has had a positive impact on the level of costs and quality of service.
The structured development of the product is aimed at continuous improvement, usability, evolution and innovation strategies, with a constant development to offer value-added services, especially to a segment that has seen significant growth in recent years.
The ease of use, installation and maintenance of the different IT management solutions together with the ability to quantitatively monitor and control the entire support demand.

Main benefits

    • Quick start

Ease of adaptation to internal needs without having to program.
Total integración con sistemas corporativos (LDAP, Correo e intranet).
Total integration with corporate systems (LDAP, Mail and Intranet)..
100% web access to the application.
More control: scorecard, indicators, alarms, reports..
Automation of flows through business rules.
TCO (total cost of ownership) very affordable and fast ROI.

“With ServiceTonic we have had an effective software support for the implementation of our Service Desk, based on the best practices of ITIL and now we are able to adequately manage the needs of our subsidiaries and make timely decisions at all times to reach the levels of quality required. “