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Service Desk with configurable calendar

Calendario con software de help desk

Customizable calendar in your ticketing tool

Service Desk | Ticketing Management | Configurable calendar

Information control

ServiceTonic offers you a configurable calendar in your Service Desk, which allows you to track activities, control your preventive maintenance and much more.

Additionally, you can link tickets with your calendar activities.

Vista de calendario en los tickets

Configurable calendar

Control the information

ServiceTonic calendar gives you one place to follow up on relevant information associated with dates, including activities and expiration dates from Service Desk and Asset Management.


Day, month and week, activities and events, both service desk and inventory


Customizable views with the desired date parameters.


Ideal to follow up on service record activities, due dates, tasks, preventive maintenances, and guarantee expirations.


Calendar events are directly linked to corresponding tickets and assets.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop for replanning, moving events, creating events, and editing events.


Works great for bookings: meeting rooms, projectors, laptops…

Calendar in your service desk

Customize the calendar on your service desk and keep track of registration service activities, due dates, tasks, preventive maintenance and warranty expirations, and much more.