ServiceTonic Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software

ServiceTonic is the Service Desk software and service management

powerful, flexible, easy to use and adjusted with ITIL.

Why Servicetonic Help Desk Software?

Thanks to the combination of extensive functionality, a high level of non-programming configuration and ease of use, our customers benefit from a single automation and service management platform with five large areas:

Asset Inventory

For the most demanding environments with the need to respond and solve incidents or service requests within a pre-set deadline.

Asset Management and CMDB

Booking Management

Automated network Inventory

Preventive Maintenance (CMMS)

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Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See our FAQs and for any other topic use our Contact Form. We will be happy to assist you.

Is ServiceTonic configurable?

Yes, ServiceTonic is highly configurable without writing a single line of code. We have templates for the most popular services such as IT Service Management, Customer Service, HR, General Services and a generic service. These templates provide a base configuration that then can be shaped to your specific requirements in terms of fields, categories, sub-categories, forms, processes, SLA’s, permissions, content, email templates, corporate image (theme and log) and logo among others.

How much does it cost?

ServiceTonic offers a flexible and modular licensing model so that each customer the functionality that requires at the lowest cost. We combine named and concurrent licenses for agents (administrators and support personnel) and we always include an unlimited number of free licenses for the end users. Our solution is available on the cloud or on-premises so that each customer selects their desired model. Fill out our Pricing Form and we will prepare pricing scenario adapted to your needs.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support and Service are part of ServiceTonic’s DNA. Our team is happy to assist you since the very beginning by reviewing your requirements and defining the best configuration for your needs. We also support you during the implementation to make it as short as possible and to give you the tools to get the maximum out of your ServiceTonic since the very first day. After implementation, our support team is always available to support your requests.

Can I integrate ServiceTonic with other applications?

Yes, ServiceTonic has different integration mechanisms that allow rapid integration with corporate applications such as email, user directories (LDAP, Active Directory) or corporate databases. At the same time, it has a Web Services based on a Rest API so that other applications can be integrated with ServiceTonic and ServiceTonic can be integrated with other applications.

Can I activate a trial?

Yes, you can activate a 21-day Cloud trial or a 30-day on-premises trial. Your system will have all the functionality available and any configuration made during the trial will remain if you continue with ServiceTonic.