Automatic Ticket Creation via Incoming Support Email

Continue to support your customers with emails

ServiceTonic fully integrates with your corporate email system in a bidirectional way.

The ServiceTonic email system helps synchronize the sending and receiving of emails with the ticketing system:

  • Create tickets from incoming emails to your service desk.
  • Update the responses received from the email to the ticket history.
  • Include attachments from incoming emails automatically as attachments to the ticket.
  • Define notifications using custom HTML templates.
  • Define Business Rules to update status based on email response.
  • Notifications can be customized per the receiver’s language.
  • Activate notifications via SMS (cost based on the telephone operator).

Email Integration
Easy Email Configuration

Flexible configuration

  • It supports the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols on different ports and with different types of authentication.
  • It also supports Microsoft Exchange/Office 365.
Ticket notification templates

HTML Notification Templates

Define separate email templates for different notification processes for example ticket creation, update, closure, survey, scheduled reports and more.

Customize templates by agent, contact or cc, with your corporate image and external links.

Email notification rules

Notification Rules

Define notifications based on Business Rules and Workflows that can be defined by the administrator for different proceses, all under the service desk.

Configure rules to suppress notifications from unwanted email addresses or massive email blasts.

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