Meeting Customer Expectations

Service Level Agreements (SLA) define the service agreed between the provider and the customers. Using measurable indicators, we can regulate the service and control the fulfillment of customer expectations.

ServiceTonic allows you to automate the measurement of SLA and the assignation of a specific priority or expected resolution time to a ticket.

Set up SLA with all the detail you need:

  • Service SLA, for all tickets related to the same service.
  • Customer SLA, for all tickets of the same customer, group of customers or business area.
  • Multilevel SLA, integrates conditions of different service and customer SLA, avoiding duplication or incompetence.


The ServiceTonic dashboard helps provide with real-time information, notifications and reporting about your SLA measurements.

Incident SLA
Ticket SLA

Flexible configuration with SLA Hibernation

Define multiple SLAs, as specific as you need (by service category, contact type, priority, etc.).

Define the statuses that do not count in the calculation of an SLA, for example “Awaiting user response”.

Planning and Schedules

SLA Schedules

Define specific support schedule SLA. For example 24×7 for critical incidents and 8×5 for standard incidents.

Notification Rules

Alerts and notifications

Receive visual alerts and email notifications to help you meet the SLA.

SLA Dashboard


Visualice and extract information to track each and every SLA of all your services you provide.

Have data to analyze the possible causes of non-compliances or critical situations in the fulfillment.

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