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ServiceTonic helps in cost optimization around customer support and service delivery and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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On premise or cloud?

ServiceTonic is available on-premise (installed on your own servers) or cloud, each comes with best in class support from dedicated team of professionals.

ServiceTonic’s Application Suite Key Features

Service Desk and Ticket Management

Efficiently manage all types of service requests in a 100% web, multi-language and multi-channel (phone, mail, web and chat) environment.


Follow up real-time information of the most relevant indicators for management.

Client Self-Service/ User Portal

Fully configurable user-portal that allows users to access information, create and query tickets, consult information in the database, among other actions…

Aligned with ITIL

Implement ITIL main processes and functions: Service Desk, Incident Management, Requirements, Issues...

Business Rules and Workflows

Define and manage all types of business rules and workflows to automate business processes and even control the smallest details of its management.

Reports and Queries

Create your own reports and save them in the most popular formats such as PDF, Excel and HTML. Define your own queries to quickly access segmented information.

SLA Management

For the most demanding environments with the need to respond and solve incidents or service requests within a pre-set deadline.

Customer Survey

Use surveys to generate customer satisfaction metrics.

Knowledge base

Reuse the knowledge accumulated in their services being made available to agents and customers.

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