Best Help Desk Solutions For IT Service Providers

ServiceTonic software is a fully-integrated ticketing and IT asset management system that allows IT support centers to simplify and automate the service request fulfillment process for end-users providing constant live customer support availability 24/7-365 offering a variety of services including:


  • Technical support for computer (hardware/software) related issues
  • Website assistance and support for employees and customers.

Organize your work, reduce cost and provide excellent service to your customers


Multi-channel Management

Manage all types of service requests:

Phone, E – mail, User Portal, Chat


Ticketing Management

Effectively manage the IT Services you provide with ServiceTonic. Incident management, requests and work orders automation.
Centralize all tasks, automate with predefined responses and scale requests to those responsible.
Offer a faster and effective response.
ServiceTonic helps you organize and effectively manage the various requests based on business criteria such as priority, workload and availability of resources.

Reporting Dashboards

Get real-time information of the most critical indicators for management.

Customizable views for better monitoring and control of your services: ServiceTonic is a fully configurable environment.

Make your team more efficient with our productivity dashboard.

Knowledge Database

Use the knowledge database and provide information to customers and internal staff.

Feed the knowledge database from your own business knowledge and from the resolution of an incident.

Asset Management

Keep an accurate inventory of your customers’ assets.

Let your customers see the list of their assets and easily report an incidence about them through the Customer Web Portal. Facilitate troubleshooting and incident resolution by having detailed information of each of your customer`s assets.


Contract Management

Manage service contracts by hours, periods of time or number of support tickets. Very useful to manage maintenance contracts and warranties.

Keep track of the compliance of your services and receive alerts before reaching the limit.

ServiceTonic automates the management of these contracts and provides information about their status to both the company providing the service and the customers.

Customer Self-Service

Keep your customers updated by providing a self-service user web portal where they can find relevant information.

The Customer Portal of ServiceTonic enables the customer to report and consult in real time the status of their tickets, contracts and assets. This way, you can provide an excellent and effective service.


Mobility has become an imperative need for IT service providers.

With ServiceTonic your field technicians and internal staff will have real time information of assigned work orders in the palm of their hand and will be able to update them at any time, even capture the signature of the customer after providing support.

SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Control the response and troubleshooting times defining your own SLAs. This will facilitate meeting the expectations of your customers and increasing their satisfaction.

Define SLA’s with ServiceTonic and automate notifications and alerts to maximize the level of compliance.

Fully Configurable

We know that there are no two businesses with same requirements and each needs its own management parameters, thus we provide an easily configurable codeless solution.

ServiceTonic incorporates many other features that will assure an effective service management and an increase of your customer’s satisfaction.
Some of these features include custom surveys, reporting, calendar/agenda, integration with remote control systems and the ability to interact with other applications.

Track each Ticket Through to Resolution and Run Reports to Track KPIs

Affordable Solution with Great Support!

Fixed Costs

Since all the data resides at one place it relieves the organization of data duplication and out of sync situation. They do not have to build separate integration around different tools for different departments.

Support Multiple Departments

Use the Multi-Service Area feature to deploy separate one stop location to manage IT, Facilities Management, HR management, Vendor management etc, all from a single tool.

Customize and Automate

Configure custom forms and fields, custom workflows, custom integrations, and complex business rules without coding.
The Service Desk helps you to automate incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, assets, approvals, and so much more.

Service Integration

Configure custom forms and fields, custom workflows, custom integrations, and complex business rules without coding.

The Service Desk helps you to automate incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, assets, approvals, and so much more.