Customer Support with CTI

The integration automatically launches ServiceTonic telephony page upon answering a call, displaying information about the current caller and all the open incidents for caller.

Easy integrate ServiceTonic with your existing telephony system (CTI), helping your support team to manage calls more efficiently and to provide a better service.

Servicetonic help desk CTI integration
Telephony integration (CTI) incomming call

Call Information as Parameters

  • ServiceTonic Telephony Page has been specifically designed to be launched by the telephony systems upon answering a call.
  • A special URL is provided by ServiceTonic so that telephony system can call it passing the call information as parameters.
Telephony integration (CTI) call to ticket action

Ticketing System

  • The URL opens in the agent’s default web browser showing information about current caller and all the open tickets for the caller.
  • The agent that takes the call can either access one of the existing tickets or create a new ticket automatically assigned to the caller.

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