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ServiceTonic was developed according to the philosophy that problem management should be aligned with best practice.

The model used is ITIL and implementing the best practices specified in the Problem Management Process Model.

  • Link Problem Management with Incident Management and CMDB.
  • Workarounds found for a problem will be automatically transferred to related tickets.
  • When a workaround is found notifications are automatically sent to all related incidents.
  • Solve one problem and notify all related incidents by transferring the solution.
  • Generate problems directly from tickets (incidents) by using business rules or manually.

Problem Management Ticket List View
Dashboard for problem management

Problem Management Dashboard

Have a complete overview of reported problems around your service area with the customizable problem management dashboard.

Pink Verify 3 Processes

ITIL Certified

Problem Management process by ServiceTonic is Pink Verify 2011 compliant.

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