Make your Service Catalog available for your users, fully configurable and accessible from the user portal.

Let them easily browse and request your products and services and keep track of their handling status. Self Service allows customers to save time. It is an added Option to Customer support.

Customers not only embrace Self Service, but also want it. Join us on our video series to see how ServiceTonic can help you implement your Service Catalog and make it available on the User Portal for easy access anytime, anywhere.

Service Catalog integrated in User Portal
Service Catalog in User Portal

Fully Customizable

  • Fully customizable: add descriptions, images, prices, delivery terms and complementary products and services.
  • Easy access: available from the User Portal.
  • Easy to browse and search: Users can search by keywords or by browsing a category tree.
  • Favorites and Featured: users can create their own list of favorite products and services, while viewing featured products and services.
Visibility by user role

Visibility by User Role

  • Visibility granted by user role: control the visibility of each product and/or service based on the user role.
  • Complementary products and services: When requesting a product or complementary service products and services can be added to the service request when available based on the user role.
Help Desk Integrated with the CMDB

Integration with other Service Processes

  • Integrated with the CMDB: Products and Services in the Service Catalog are defined as configuration items within the CMDB, in addition, when sending a service request this can be linked to an existing configuration item.
  • Request fulfillment: When users request a product or service, a Service Request is automatically recorded which can be automated using all the different ServiceTonic automation tools including business rules, workflows, SLA’s, Assignments, Approvals and Subtasks. Users can keep track of changes in their Service Requests.
Related Services Under One Master Service Request

Easily Group related Services under one Master Service Request

A powerful and easy to create feature that allows to include multiple child services and build a complex service. e.g. Employee onboarding service with connected services such as ID request, HR and payroll update, new desk and phone request, new computer request, etc.



Catalog available in several languages and with the possibility of adding new translations easily.

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