Easy integration with corporate systems

ServiceTonic provides out of the box integration with your LDAP User Directory (MS Active Directory and Open LDAP), corporate email server, corporate data bases and easy integration with any other third-party business software.

  • Link Contact List to corporate directories of users, whether based on LDAP or corporate databases.
  • Work with several Contact Lists at a time. Define login access based on dynamic contact lists.
  • Lookup on corporate databases and integrate returned data into a ticket.
  • Define dynamic links to external URLs using variables assigned to ticket fields.
  • Execute OS commands or scripts or scripts to integrate with external software or to retrieve data from them.

Easy integration with corporate systems
Integrator properties in user portal

Access to external databases

  • Consult data from an external source and integrate them into the fields of a ticket.
  • Supports integration with MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2 databases.
Integrator system process

System processes execution

Run any process, from a script in Linux to an executable in Windows, through a ticket attribute, a business rule or the manual intervention of an agent.

Api Rest

Web Services (API)

Your corporate applications can directly interact with ServiceTonic using REST and SOAP-based Web Services.

Integrator dynamic links

Dynamic Web Links

Define a dynamic URL (web link) easily with the information uploaded on a ticket, in order to consult or interact with external systems.

Integrator properties access control

Access control

Use dynamic contact lists to allow the access to corporate systems.

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