Technical Information

Technical Information

ServiceTonic provides flexibility and power in a 100% web-based application with the functional richness of a desktop application.

ServiceTonic is accessible through any web browser and does not require any desktop client installation. All settings are managed through the user interface, all without the need for programming.

ServiceTonic is a multi-platform system, which means it can be installed on Windows or Linux platforms and supports all major databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.



Operating System

MS Windows Server 2008 32/64 bits | 2008 RS 64 bits | 2012 64 bits
Linux 32/64 bits Intel architecture

Data Bases

MS SQL Server | Oracle | MySQL

Email integration

Smooth integration with all major email servers, including MS Exchange and any other secure SMTP | POP3/IMAP email systems.


Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Safari | MS Internet Explorer

End users

Apple iOS | Android | Windows Mobile