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Contract management with ServiceTonic

Service contract lifecycle management

View the contracts of one or more companies in the CMDB

Contract management

Contract management allows the automatic accounting of the contract execution and regulates the compliance with the agreed time and service parameters.

You can automatically assign Contract types for each ticket based on different qualification or manually assign a contract to a ticket.

The automatic management of contracts also allows the client to be able to visualize at all times the available hours of a contract and to establish alerts at different points of the state of the contract from the user portal.

Contract for hours

Contract definition by hours, you can define the maximum number of hours that can be used for a particular contract

Contract definition by tickets

You can define the maximum number of service tickets that will be supported for a particular contract.

Contract definition by time

You can define the particular duration, without limit of hours or tickets for which the contract support will be provided. For example, in case of maintenance and guarantee we can define whether we provide the maintenance or guarantee for 6 months or a year etc.

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