Cloud Security and Privacy Policy

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Data security and privacy are one of the major concerns of companies today.

In ServiceTonic we take this concerns very seriously. Our security system is based on different levels, offering the maximum guarantees of security and privacy to our cloud solution clients.

Physical Security

ServiceTonic’s Data Center servers include the following elements:

  • Surveillance cameras monitoring all of the facilities accesses and internal rooms.
  • To access the data center, an authorization card is needed and it is valid only for a determined number of hours.
  • Racks with key system and access code.
  • Visits are controlled with a location detector.
  • SAI power supply with redundant UPS System.
  • Temperature control in all of the facilities.
  • Fire detection system.
  • Network Security.

Network Security

  • Multiple redundant connections to different Internet Exchange Points to provide the highest levels of availability.
  • Maximum capacity due to the existence of integrated upstreams and peering through Juniper Networks routers in a backbone.


  • Redundant elements (disks mounted on RAID-1, power supply, network cards) to ensure maximum availability.
  • Continuous server monitoring 24 x 7 x 365

Backup system

  • Daily backup storage system with different physical storage locations.

Data protection and privacy

  • The CLIENT is the owner and controller of all the data that stores in ServiceTonic Cloud
  • ServiceTonic will process the CLIENT data with the only objective to provision the service keeping it always as confidential, as well as any other information provided by the CLIENT.
  • ServiceTonic staff are under the obligation (by contract) to not divulge any client data and information that they might have access due to technical reasons arising from the provision of the service.
  • Web accesses to ServiceTonic Cloud are carried out using a secure HTTPS protocol with SLL certificates, guaranteeing that information is encrypted throughout the internet at all times.