ServiceTonic | Help Desk Software

Dynamic Views

Create your own dynamic views and access information in an easy and segmented way

Dynamic ticket lists with the business parameters you need

Large range of customization

Multiple configuration options: Fields, Filters, Ordinations, Visibility, Advanced filters, massive actions, color configuration, export to files.


Easy definition of your views with your own parameters (fields, criteria, order)


Apply filters in real time by columns or by advanced filters


Export the content to Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML

Configure your parameters

  • Fields Select the columns you want in each view
  • Filters Each column automatically becomes a filter
  • Ordinations Create a default order and reorder at any time
  • Visibility Select between different visibility levels (Personal, Equipment and Service)
  • Advanced filters Create filters even for fields that are not in the columns
  • Massive actions Select more than one ticket and execute massive actions like closing the tickets
  • Color settings Assign colors to ticket types, priorities or states for more effective visualization
  • Export to files Direct export to Excel, PDF, CSV and XLM
  • Sharing Share dynamic views with other agents facilitating collaboration

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard