Process and task automation in the Service Desk

Business Rules automate the execution of processes and actions in the Service Desk.

Define conditions and the actions that need to happen specific to a business requirement, for example:

  • Route Tickets to the right queue / support team.
  • Define Time triggered automations.
  • Setup custom notification rules (Email and SMS)
  • Update fields and ticket status based on workflow criteria.
  • Auto-Escalate tickets based on Business Requirements.
  • Predefined actions on the CMDB Assets and CI’s…

Definition of Business Rules
Business Rules Actions

Easy configuration

Define all the business rules you need tailored to the specifications of each service.

Chained business rules: once a rule is applied, another is executed immediately.

Automated actions: Set up the actions a business rule has to perform: ticket escalation, notification, visual alert, changing the value of ticket attributes…

Business Rules Criteria


Establish when the rules must be executed: in the creation or modification of a ticket, based on criteria, in a few days or hours, interval of repetitions, etc.

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