Use Reports to analyze the health of your Services

ServiceTonic comes with several reports out of the box to analyze the health your Service Desk.

Utilize data from the reports to provide important statistics that measure key performance indicator and metrics.

  • Easily Generate Reports using powerful Report Capabilities.
  • Share different Metrics With Different Stakeholders.
  • Schedule delivery of Reports on timely intervals.
  • Create Advanced Reports using SQL queries.
  • Export reports and CSV, Excel (.xls), PDF and XML.

Closed Incidents Report
Custom Reports Configuration

Custom Reports

Create your own reports using drag and drop query builder. Schedule them to run in specific intervals or share them with other users. Build custom reports using SQL queries to leverage full power of the database. Report from any module including Service Desk, CMDB, Asset, Problem Management, Changes, SLA breach report, etc.

Predefined Report

Predefined Reports

Use the ServiceTonic predefined reports for the most common queries with your charts and statistics.

Export data from Tickets

Export Data

Run and export reports in popular formats like:

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • HTML / XML
  • XLS/Excel format
Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports

Plan your reports and distribute them automatically via email.

For example: send the open incident report for a particular team to the service desk manager every Monday.

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