Create Powerful Dashboards that Provide Data in Real Time

Wide Range of Components for Reporting-Charts, Tables, Lists and Calendars

The Dashboards display the current and historical status of the service from different perspectives.

Display in a single screen all the indicators (KPI) necessary to carry out a comprehensive monitoring and control of your service desk, providing real-time information and a high level of personalization.

  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Create multiple Dashboards Specific to Different modules/areas (CMDB Dashboard, Help Desk Dashboard, Survey Dashboard, Management Dashboard, etc.)
  • 6 different types of panels: Lists, Calendars, Tables with numeric and chart results to provide deeper insight into the data.
  • Design panels that display the indicators (KPI) using the different components.
  • KPI from Dashboards are linked to the list of associated items.
  • Enter a time interval so that the dashboards automatically refresh.
  • Define different levels of access to the dashboard, depending on the agent role and access.

ServiceTonic Dashboard
Advanced dashboard control panel

Advanced Dashboard Control Panel

  • Powerful Control panel to personalize the types of elements to be shown in the dashboard.
  • Customize visibility, position and size.
KPI segmentation charts

Segmentation based on Indicators

Define multiple indicators (KPIs) based on all kinds of criteria.

View indicators (KPI) by an agent, work teams or general service.

Dashboard trend panel

Trend Graphs

Display various values of date type elements over time with line, bar, or surface graphs.

Stacked charts

Stacked Charts

View data in 2 dimensions with column charts.

Dashboard calendar panel

Calendar View

Display ticket sets by date on a calendar.

Ticket tables in dashboard

Ticket Tables

Display  lists of tickets in a table format segmented by different criteria: priority, status, assignment, category, SLA compliance, etc.

Dashboard for problem management

Problem Management Dashboard

Immediately access the set of tickets associated with the indicators (KPI).

Dashboard for cmdb and asset management

CMDB and Assets Dashboard

Integrate CMDB asset data into your indicators.

Survey Dashboard

Survey Dashboard

Have a centralized view of survey responses submitted by your users, and improve your support.

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