Chat communication between agents and customers

Chat enables real-time two-way communication between an agent and a user and is part of the user portal or can be integrated on any webpage.

It makes it easy and effective to provide an immediate service of requests, doubts or technical support.

Integrated with the Service Desk, it allows you to create or update tickets from a conversation, speak with one or several agents with the same user and consult other screens while chatting – to provide a quick response at the moment the customer needs it.

With Chat you can:

  • Provide an additional channel of communication and enhance the user experience.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by integrating conversations to the Service Desk.
  • Optimize the work of your agents by attending several Chats simultaneously.
  • Pop-up Chat notification after a few seconds to engage with your website visitors.

Chat Management
Ticket creation

Ticket creation

Create tickets from the chat, including attachments.

Chat History

Chat History

Retrieve past conversations and manage Chat lists.

Transfer Chats between Agents

Transfer the Chat to another Agent to continue the conversation with the user.

Chat on Dashboards

Easy to use

Attend chats without leaving screens or tasks, making inquiries while chatting.

Management of visitors and sessions

Control the visitors and the active sessions through the Service Desk.

Web integration

Integrate the chat on your webpage or on the user portal, the chat is always synchronized with the Service Desk.

Flag Notification


Get real-time notifications about conversations.



Send the transcript of the chat via email.

Anti-Spam and Robots

 Ban robots and spam.

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