Booking Management

Manage the bookings of your assets with our Help Desk software


Automate the management of bookings

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Management of CMDB assets’ bookings

Allow your users to book the CMDB’s registered assets and control their availability at any time and place, all thanks to the mobility provided by ServiceTonic’s Help Desk

Automate the management of bookings

Allow users to book assets through ServiceTonic

Automate the management of your assets’ bookings. With ServiceTonic you can specify which assets can be booked, to whom and instantly check their availability.

Use this powerful functionality for any asset that can be lent, such as laptops, tablets, photo and video cameras, any type of equipment, cars, meeting rooms, etc.


Automate booking management. Let users book assets. Easily manage the inflow and outflow of assets.

Asset Definition

Select which assets can be lent, who has access to them and if an approval process is required.


Check the assets’ availability at any time.

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