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Knowledge base

Knowledge available to agents and customers

Knowledge base

Internal Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge base is the repository of the internal knowledge of the company and is easily accessible.
It is accessible by the agents from the Service Desk and for the users from the Web Portal.

HTML Ready

Includes an HTML editor to edit themes and link attachments.

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Create Multiple Knowledge Bases and Custom Permissions.


Attach Documents to Every Article.


Add Tags to Articles for Improving Search Accuracy.

E – mail knowledge

Email Knowledge Articles to Users (They Can Read the Article without enter the System).


Strong Integration with the Ticketing Solution Both For Agent and End-User.


Auto Prediction of Solution when the User is Creating a Ticket.

Custom Knowledge Libraries

Organize the database in knowledge libraries or in questions/ answers (FAQ).

Tree structure

Organization of topics:

Topics in the knowledge base can be easily organized in a tree structure.


  • Edit topics via HTML editor
  • Link topics with each other or with attached documents.
  • Also include external links inside the knowledge base articles.


  • Include images from the clipboard or a file.

Attach Solutions in to the ticket

Search and attach the solution to an incident or problem by accessing the Knowledge Base directly from the ticket.


Knowledge from the tickets

Easily generate new solutions from tickets that contain incidents or problems that have already been resolved.

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