Equipment monitoring

Monitor your equipment with NetworkTonic and reduce the number of incidents, anticipating possible errors.

NetworkTonic Equipment Monitoring
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Create monitoring templates on NetworkTonic to anticipate potential issues with CIs (assets)

Equipment monitoring helps to anticipate possible problems with the technological infrastructure, such as detecting a full hard drive, allowing corrective actions to be taken before incidents affecting the user are generated.

“Prevent potential failures before they become irreparable errors. Be ahead of the problems”

Connection with ServiceTonic

Monitoring templates include different sensors that, when triggered, automatically create a ticket in ServiceTonic warning of the detected problem.

Template design for incident detection

Discover how to monitor your CIs with NetworkTonic

Creation of monitoring templates

Multiple templates can be defined, each with its sensors to detect different types of events related to connectivity (ping, available URL), systems processes, Ram usage, CPU and disk space usage.

Connection with ServiceTonic

Generation of one or more tickets in ServiceTonic when one of the defined events, for example, a dusk exceeds 90% capacity.

Immediate resolution

Immediately solve the problem detected in the CI to avoid it becoming an incidence for your users.

Increase in productivity

Agility when solving the problems detected in the CIs avoids situations that could damage the company’s KPI objective.

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Discover how equipment monitoring allows you to anticipate possible incidents and resolve them before they become errors that affect your productivity.

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