Service Tonic Case Study: Allianz colseguros

Allianz Colseguros, a company of the Allianz Group, is the first insurer founded in Colombia, with 136 years of service to Colombians.

It is the only company in the country with a comprehensive offer of financial services in the areas of protection, savings and investment, which are constantly being renewed to fulfill its promises and continue its leadership in the insurance market.
The mission of Allianz Colseguros is to develop the best financial and insurance products to support its clients, offering them the best savings and protection solutions tailored to their needs.
Its distribution network consists of 6 Regionals with 30 offices and more than 2300 intermediaries throughout the country. Colseguros provides around 600 direct jobs nationwide.
Allianz Colseguros is supported by the Allianz Group, the largest global service provider, with 155,000 employees around the world and more than 75 million customers in more than 70 countries. It also has a strong international presence in the global insurance market. .

The need

Allianz Colseguros needed to migrate the management and operational processes associated with the IT Support Service to a platform that adapted to their requirements and that facilitated the achievement of the following objectives::

  • Enable the best practices and approach of ITIL® processes in the Information Technology Service Desk.
  • Implement a management system that allows to measure and control Service Levels agreed with the End User.
  • Enable a framework of processes according to an IT Governance operating model at the Service Desk level.

“The flexibility and power of Servicetonic has allowed us to configure our IT Support service tailored to our needs in a short period of time and without the need for additional development costs.”

The solution implemented

After analyzing different alternatives, Allianz Colseguros selects ServiceTonic. The most relevant aspects of the implementation of the solution adopted are the following:

    • Coverage of the Service Desk function and the following ITIL processes:

• Management of incidents
• Problem management
• Change management
• Configuration management
• Version management
• Service level management

  • Volumes: 37 agents, 3,000 users and more than 2,500 monthly tickets.
  • Integration with the corporate Active Directory.
  • Definition of a detailed model of categorization of tickets. The characteristics of this model are the following:
  • • More than 3,000 different categorization options.
    • 6 levels of categorization, 4 for open tickets from the user portal and 6 for the management of tickets from the agents application.
  • Definition of more than 30 types of SLA according to the categorization of the ticket, and the location and type of user.
  • Use of business rules for the automation of the service processes: automatic assignment, approvals, compliance monitoring of the agreed level of service, automatic closing of tickets …
  • Use of emerging forms, both in the agent application and in the user portal, to request only that relevant information based on the categorization of the ticket.
  • Integration with the internal inventory system to retrieve the detailed information associated with the service configuration elements.
Benefits obtained

The main benefits provided by ServiceTonic are the following:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Greater control over the key indicators of the service
  • Improvement of user satisfaction
  • 100% web access to the application
  • Fast ROI ( return on investment) thanks to a low TCO (total cost of ownership).

“The use of the Servicetonic platform has allowed us to increase the efficiency and quality of the service, and improve the perceived image of the users regarding the IT Support service at a really affordable cost.”

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