All companies want to increase sales. It is the daily goal of every Commercial Director.

So, how to increase sales?

There are 3 ways to increase sales

  •  Getting new customers.
  • Increasing the sizeof each sale through cross-selling. A typical example in restaurants is the “Do you want to have a drink while you wait?” suggestion.
  • Getting existing customers to buy again, in other words, the continuous sale.

Acquiring a new customer can be up to six times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It makes sense to focus on keeping our existing customers as satisfied as possible.

How to keep our customers satisfied?

Applying the principle of continuous sale:

The sales process never ends. It does not end with the invoice or payment, the sale ends when the customer buys again and automatically starts a new cycle without end.
This simple principle is often ignored when commercial efforts solely focus on getting new customers and waste the potential of generating sales from existing customers.

Applying this principle requires ensuring we provide an excellent service to all our customers, and this means much more than tools and procedures, it is an entrepreneurial attitude. The attitude of excellence in customer service has to start by the management of the company and reach every corner of it.

What steps can we take to ensure continued sales?

  • Define policies and procedures that encourage and ensure the provision of an excellent customer service.
  • Inculcate the principle of continuous selling among the staff. It is of no use to have a good product and provide a good after-sales service if in a claim of an invoice we do not properly serve the customer. We will lose everything we have earned.
  • Rewarding the achievement of objectives related to the continuous sale.
  • Use tools that facilitate the provision and control of customer service in all corporate areas.
  • Contrasting with customers their level of satisfaction, for example by using quality surveys.
  • Establish a process of continuous improvement in the provision of customer service.

This principle also applies to internal sales. For instance, when the IT department keeps the internal customer satisfied, it maintains the demand. Whenever it is not capable of responding to employee expectations, they will look for alternatives in external suppliers or impose changes in the management of the department itself.

In short, it is cheaper to sell to existing customers than to get new ones. Moreover, keeping a satisfied customer is an excellent option to increase your sales.

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