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Reducing resolution and response times.

Automating processes using business rules.

Integrating contact lists (LDAP or corporate databases).

Increasing knowledge about your customers.

Register every request received from any input channel

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  • Mobile

  • Web

  • Chat

ServiceTonic Service Desk

Digitize all tasks through tickets and monitor the performance of your support team. Provide a fast system capable of generating automatic or predefined responses in 2 clicks and able to continuously improve the quality of the responses.

ServiceTonic helps you organize and manage effectively multiple requests based on business criteria such as priority, workload and availability of resources.

Predefined ticket templates

Configure ticket templates with predefined titles, descriptions and answers for frequent requests and applications.

Automated dynamic responses also ensure that each operator gives a consistent answer aligned to your brand image. Expedite the ticket management, resolution and delivery.

Predefined titles

Configure predefined ticket titles for most common applications.

Decrease the response time of your support team by automating dynamic responses.

Quick descriptions

Configure quick description to give a standardized response to recurring requests.

Ensure consistency in the answers that each operator gives to the customers, aligning them to a defined brand image.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Control the response and troubleshooting times defining your own SLA and increase customer satisfaction by accomplishing their expectations.

Set notifications and alerts to monitor the level of compliance by integrating business criteria such as priority, resource availability and other specific SLA to the tickets.


Get real-time information of the most critical indicators for management so you have a greater control and monitoring of the entire service.

Visualize all the information when making decisions related to productivity, the work of your operators and the improvement of the customer service.

Web Portal

A self-service portal for your users is useful if you want to restrict the number of incidents at the Customer Service. Keep them informed offering a personalized service accessible 24/7.

It has a catalog of services that connects a service to specific need of the client.

Knowledge Database

Use the knowledge generated from the tickets: get ahead from recurring incidents, automate responses generated for the first time, detect unproductive tasks and processes to improve or delete them, etc.

Anticipate incidents and requests reducing time, increasing service quality and providing continuous improvement.

Custom reports

Get reports, statistics and graphs that display the knowledge extracted from the tickets.

Satisfaction surveys

Know, through real data, your customers’ level of satisfaction. Furthermore, the full integration of ServiceTonic with email service provides you with a quick and close contact with users.

Integration with corporate systems

ServiceTonic easily integrates with corporate systems.

Work simultaneously with different contact lists (LDAP or corporate databases), retrieving information from other systems and programs in real time.

Multi language

Offer a simultaneous service to users using different languages, with the possibility of adding any new translation easily.

Fully configurable

We know that there are not two businesses alike and each needs its own management parameters, for this reason we provide an easy-to-customize solution without any programming.

ServiceTonic Help Desk Software incorporates many other features that will assure your services are efficiently managed and your customers are satisfied.

Manage your customer service using a proven methodology as ITIL®

ServiceTonic lets you automate most common ITSM processes aligned with ITIL® best practices and being certified by PinkVERIFY, which is the most mature and rigorous IT services management tools verification program in the world.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by certified consultants at various levels of ITIL®.

* ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

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