ESM Service Desk

Multiple Service Desks for any area of the company with just one installation

See how ServiceTonic is your partner in:

Centralizing the management of all services.

Automating Self-Service through Service Catalog and Knowledge Management.

Increasing awareness about your company

Optimizing internal resources and administrative management.

Reducing costs and management time.

A single platform to manage all your corporate services

  • Manteniance

  • Commercial

  • Operations & systems

  • Finances

Ticketing System

Optimize your internal services by registering each task as tickets. Expedite procedures, eliminate errors or unnecessary processes and automate tasks with predefined answers and commands among more features designed to increase productivity

Improve the quality of your services by applying business rules, assigning tasks and subtasks automatically and according to business criteria such as priority, workload and availability of resources.


Learn to detail all processes and tasks that are performed daily in your company, have greater control and monitoring of the entire service.

Improve decision-making on competitiveness and productivity with ServiceTonic of its services. Know what is happening at all times having all your business areas centralized in a single platform.

Custom reports

Improve decision making with real-time information displayed on panels, lists, tables, statistics and graphs that are fully configurable (selection criteria, attributes to use, dimensions, data segmentation by assignments…).

Be aware of the status of your services anywhere and anytime, even on you mobile.

Self service User Portal

Provide your employees with a self-service portal to easily find the information they need at any moment, saving time from internal administration procedures.

The reduction of administrative workload, as receiving emails or internal calls, is key to productivity as it allows each area of the company pursue its strategic role.

Knowledge Database

Use the knowledge generated from the tickets: get ahead from recurring incidents, automate responses generated for the first time, detect unproductive tasks and processes to improve or delete them, etc.

Anticipate incidents and requests reducing time, increasing service quality and providing continuous improvement.

Service Catalog

Let the users request services and products from a User Portal that provides a detailed catalog filtered by the user role.

ServiceTonic Enterprise Management Software let’s you easily automate applications of predefined services, link them with one or more assets of the CMDB and define all service conditions (workflows, SLAs, automatic assignments, approvals and subtasks…).

Asset Management and CMDB Configuration

Have a rigorous control of your equipment inventory and asset management (stock control, warranty management, etc.)

Establish relationships between configuration items (CI): link incidents, calculate the impact of changing a CI, use the CI to resolve a ticket, and always have all the necessary information about your inventory instantaneously.

Easy, powerful and fully configurable

You can always customize your Service Desk with advanced features of management such as SLA, CMDB, contracts by hours… without any programming or contracting any other service.

ServiceTonic is very flexible; we deliver a software that evolves along the new needs and opportunities of your company: features, corporate image, information layout…

We will also accompany you in the process of improving the efficiency in the management of your services.

Integration with corporate systems

ServiceTonic easily integrates with your corporate systems using API, Webservices and Email integrations.

Multi language

Offer a simultaneous service to users using different languages, with the possibility of adding any new translation easily.

Manage your enterprise services with ITIL® aligned processes

Manage your enterprise services with ITIL® aligned processes for best in class support for your customers

The quality of our service is guaranteed by certified consultants at various levels of ITIL®.

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