Looking for a Help Desk System to Manage Requests from Employees?

A system to create trouble tickets based on internal employee inquiries

ServiceTonic enables the HR department to quickly and easily build service catalog items that are specific to HR processes and incorporate different levels of approvals and coordination with other departments like IT, Finance, etc.

Provide employees with rapid self-service access to authorized applications and critical documentation, without the need for significant IT involvement.

ServiceTonic software suite enable corporations to implement an enterprise-wide service support strategy upon a single architecture allowing visibility and control across all departments within your organization.

ServiceTonic Help Desk Desk Software
Help Desk Ticket List
Internal Trouble Ticketing System with an Online Portal for Employees to Submit Tickets

Redefine your HR Service Support Ticket System

Process Job Applications

Having all Steps of the Recruitment Process Under Control

Automate your HR processes by standardizing important actions such as New Hire Request, Leave Request, Employee Promotion, Termination etc.

Reduce the paperwork required for getting approvals, departamental reviews and budgeting by automating all this steps though emails that are tightly integrated  to the service request.

HR Policies and Procedures

Policies, Checklists, Forms and Procedures all centrally available

Centralize the HR policies and company guidelines that you want your employees to flow by centralizing and making them available on the HR knowledge base inside Servicetonic.

Also use the Survey feature to measure employee satisfaction and get feedback on general services

Case Management

Reducing Resolution and Response Times

Use the case management for HR to provide a window to employees where they can submit there queries and concerns about HR policies and procedures. The case management ensures employees request is kept confidential.

Business Automation

Automating Processes using Business Rules

Easily design an email workflow system to automate common HR tasks like: new onboarding arrivals, visitor pass requests for official guests, informing employees about holidays or emergencies, approving leave requests, expense reimbursement, etc.

Monitor the progress of the objectives accomplished according to the budgets or established goals.



Save Money and Time

Accelerating Key HR Processes

Reduce costs associated with common HR requests by using a unique and automated global help desk solution which is based on ITIL guidelines for standardization.

Employee feedback/survey

Increasing Knowledge about Your Employees

Gathering feedback from employees about HR processes will help your department to improve. Monitor the performance of the members of your team based on survey responses and take necessary actions.

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