Help Desk Software for Human Resources

Centralized management of employee requests

Manage your employees’ requests efficiently.

Our Help Desk software facilitates the work of the HR department, thanks to the centralization of the requests of the employees.

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Ticketing system to manage your employees’ requests

The ServiceTonic Help Desk allows you to implement a service and support strategy with a single enterprise-wide architecture that provides full visibility, control, and coordination across all departments.

Centralize the processing of staff requests, optimize the use of resources and simplify access to information for employees.

  • Centralized management: Centralize incidents and requests

  • Easy access: Quick access to the tool for your employees

  • Configurable portal with self-service:Customizable control panel with tickets and alarms

  • Process automation:Responses and actions automation that make work easier

Main benefits

  • Ticketing system for the HR department
  • Taking care of your employees

HR support

Redefine your HR services support ticket system

Internal ticketing system with a user portal for employees to submit their requests

With the SerivceTonic Help Desk you can:

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Processes and Job Applications

Automate your HR processes by standardizing important processes such as new job applications, leave request, employee promotions, terminations, and layoffs, etc.

Reduce paperwork for approvals, departmental reviews and budgets by automating all these steps through emails that are tightly integrated into the service request.

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HR Policies and Procedures

Centralize the company’s human resource policies and guidelines for your employees by centralizing them and making them available in the HR knowledge base within ServiceTonic.

You can also use the survey function to measure employee satisfaction and get feedback on overall services.

Chaos Management

Use case management so Human Resources can provide a window for employees to raise questions and concerns about Human Resources policies and procedures. Case management ensures that employee requests are kept confidential.

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Business Processes

Design an email workflow system to automate common human resource tasks such as: new employee arrival to the company, access requests for official guests, information to employees about vacations or emergencies, etc.

Monitor the progress of the objectives achieved according to the budget or goals set.

Save time and money

Reduce the costs associated with routine human resource requests through a unique, automated, global Help Desk solution aligned with ITIL guidelines.

Optimizar Tiempo y Dinero
Encuestas de Satisfacción

Satisfaction surveys

Getting employee feedback on human resource processes will help your department improve. Monitor the performance of your team members based on survey responses and take action as needed.

Help Desk para Recursos Humanos

Market leaders trust us:

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Happier employees thanks to our Help Desk solution

Our Help Desk software incorporates a support team ready to help you!

We offer personalized support from the get-go after installation.

Facilitate communication between your employees

A single portal for all employees, from where they can communicate with the HR department that will centralize all applications and request under one umbrella.

Fast implementation and great support

A solution with a great support team at your disposal.

Thanks to our Help Desk software you will be able to track every ticket until its resolution and you will have reports and dashboards to analyze all the request and requests of your employees.

Access to all your employees

The Help Desk software allows all your employees to have quick access from any location and from any device, whether it is a mobile or a laptop or a PC.

A team of ITIL® certified consultants at your service

Our ITIL® certified experts will analyze your requirements and support you from the very beginning.

* ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

Clients that vouch for us

«The use of the ServiceTonic platform has allowed us to increase the quality of our service and improve the user’s perceived image regarding the IT support service at a really affordable cost».

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Clients that vouch for us

«The use of the ServiceTonic platform has allowed us to increase the quality of our service and improve the user’s perceived image regarding the IT support service at a really affordable cost».

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