Improve your Facility Management

Automate users requests, work orders and preventive maintenance (PM)

Facility departments aim to ensure that everything is in great condition thus the company can carry out all the daily activities in an optimal and uninterrupted manner.

Size and sector of activity matters, for example: imagine a facilities department, they may end up managing multiple areas, among offices and buildings maintenance (electricity, plumbing, air conditioning), cleaning, security, access control and furniture, among others.

Many companies are managing their facility services using e-mail or spreadsheets to record service requests, work orders, preventive and corrective maintenance… managing system like these are clearly inefficient.

ServiceTonic for Facilities with Help Desk capabilities allows modernizing the management of facilities services with the objective of work more efficiently, increase the level of user satisfaction and minimize expenses.

With ServiceTonic you will be able to automate users requests, work orders and preventive maintenance (PM), having under control the status of each of them, assigned field agents with used time and resources directly from your PC or mobile device .

ServiceTonic Help Desk Desk Software
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Work more Efficiently, Increase the Level of User Satisfaction and Minimize Costs

ServiceTonic Solution Key Features

Work Orders

Manage and evaluate key information related to work orders:

– Manage work orders (creation, planning, allocation, tracking, closing).

– Add time and materials.

– Download information through reports and dashboards.

User Portal

The user portal allows the user to open their requests and incidents and track the status of them.

– Easy access from a desktop computer or mobile device.

– Registration of requests and incidents.

– Tracking of work orders.

– Integrated with your corporate image.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Planning preventive maintenance and planned activities is one of the main tasks for a Facility Service department.

– Define your gammas, daily tasks and maintenance schedules.

– Automatically generate Preventive Maintenance Planning and visualize them in a calendar.

– Automatically generate work orders.

– Add costs and materials.

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