Help Desk Software for Retail and E-commerce

Improve e-commerce customer support and sales with ServiceTonic

Whether it’s live chat, self-service, on the phone or in the store, customers expect effortless assistance.

Provide quick, personalized service across a variety of channels to make more customers purchase and stay loyal to your brand.

Customers have high expectations when they buy a product and when things do not flow as they would like, they use social networks, email, phone and chat to tell everyone about their bad experience. Be positive or negative can have a reach of hundreds of thousands of people.

Moreover, the client expects from the company to provide very fast responses and personalized conversations through the support team.

You need a Help Desk tool like ServiceTonic in your company, so you can centralize all the requests in one place and provide exceptional attention to your customers.

Enhance customer service experiences in all channels

Bridge the communication gap between suppliers, vendors and distributors

Strong Ticket Management

Centralize ticketing management and track them from request to resolution

Multi-channel Management

Your agents can raise a ticket to deal with telephone, email, user portal and chat.

Powerful Stock Management

Define Unlimited Custom Fields like: Commodity Description, SKU, HS Code, Dimensions, Weight, Price…

SLA for Delivery Times

Set Up different types of SLA for agreed delivery times

Priority Assignment

Prioritise your high-value customers and improve your Customer Experience.

Manage Return / Repair Requests

Track the returns and replacements, categorize the repair and return issues

Email Management

Deliver quick and efficient responses to customers throughout the policy administration process

Live Chat Support

Provide instant help to your customers through live chat and self-service to boost conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment and address product support requests

Multiple Account Handling

Set up multiple accounts to route emails to the relevant department and case handler for processing

Customer Care

General Product / Company Information and Support

IT Service Desk

Use the IT service desk that has great features and automation and is ITIL certified for process standardization.

Support Multiple Departments

Multiple Service Desks in just one installation: IT Services, Human resources, Facilities management…

Reporting Dashboards

Make your team more efficient with our productivity dashboard

Data Privacy

Requests / Incident Tracking


Use surveys to measure customers satisfaction and collect precious feedback to improve your products and service level

Track each Ticket Through to Resolution and Run Reports to Track KPIs

We Ensure a Quick Implementation and Great Support!

Fixed Costs

Budget your IT expenses for customer Service and support with a peace of mind. With ServiceTonic, affordability is already a big plus and there are no surprises along the way.

Support Multiple Departments

Use the Multi-Service Area feature to deploy separate one stop location to manage IT, Facilities Management, HR management, Vendor management etc, all from a single tool.

Customize and Automate

Configure custom forms and fields, custom workflows, custom integrations, and complex business rules without coding.

The Service Desk helps you to automate incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, assets, approvals, and so much more.

Service Integration

The help desk software enables you to integrate other apps into the greater service platform. You are able to track requests from telephone, email, chat and user portal or corporate website.

Provide a wide range of services from a single platform.