Looking for a ITSM System to Keep Track of Internal and External IT Tickets and Escalations?

With ServiceTonic Have Individual Ticket Queues and Team Ticket Queues

Proper service management has become increasingly important as big data, self-service provisioning and bring-your-own-everything enter the business sphere. As a result, having a working knowledge of how ITSM can benefit business and IT processes is the key to the Digital Transformation.

Track each Ticket Through to Resolution and Run Reports to Track KPIs

Keep Track of Internal and External IT Tickets and Escalations

IT Service Desk

Incident Management

  • Make IT service management effective with the ticketing system and be able to offer a faster and better response through centralized registration of all tasks, automation with predefined responses and scaling of requests to responsibles.
  • ServiceTonic helps you organize and effectively manage various requests based on business criteria such as priority, workload and availability of resources.


  • Visualize all the information necessary for the management and decision-making in completely configurable panels, lists, tables or graphics (selection criteria, attributes to use, dimensions, data segmentation assignments …).
  • Get real-time information of the most critical indicators for management so you have a greater control and monitoring of the entire service.
Asset and Configuration Management

Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB)

  • Have a rigorous control of your equipment inventory and asset management (stock control, warranty management, etc.)
  • Establish relationships between different configuration items (CI).
  • Associate CI’s with Incidents, Problems and Changes to understand the impact of changing a CI. This helps teams and support staff to have a clear view of the status of their services.
  • Have all the necessary information about your asset and inventory management.
Problem Management Ticket List

Problem Management

The main goal of problem management is reducing the number of incidences by providing workarounds to incidents in two ways: proactively by extracting knowledge from incident tickets and reducing resolution times by suggesting solutions to incidents.

  • Increase the quality and efficiency of your services by implementing problem management aligned to ITIL best practices.
  • Have close integration between Incident and Problem Management – out of the box. Relate incidents to problems, transfer problem closure details to related incidents and much more for continuous improvement of service.



Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Control the response and resolution times of incidents and keep your customers satisfied.
  • Define your own SLAs and set notifications and alerts to monitor the level of compliance.
Contract Management

Contract Management

  • Link the customer contract to a specific management setting in the Service Desk.
  • Contracts can be counted by hours, tickets, duration or fixed-cost in a given time. It is ideal in the case that your clients hire maintenance periods or guarantees. Each ticket can be associated with a contract in order to account the given services and assure its compliance.
  • Define alerts of all kinds, before reaching the limit or when reaching it.
  • Provide your clients access to their own contracts through User Portal.
ITSM User Portal

User Portal

  • Provide the users with an intuitive self-service interface for easily check requests, the knowledge database, the service catalog, documents, notifications…
  • ServiceTonic has a high level of customization (menus, forms, ticketing views, role access, customizable widgets.…) as well as a complete integration with the corporate image of your company.
  • Your users can have access to their own CI’s to open incidents directly from User Portal.
Service Catalog

Service Catalog

  • Let the users request services and products from a User Portal that provides a detailed catalog filtered by the user role.
  • ServiceTonic Service Management Software let’s you easily automate applications of predefined services, link them with one or more assets of the CMDB and define all service conditions (workflows, SLAs, automatic assignments, approvals and related tasks…).
  • Have Complementary Options to the service that the user is requesting.
  • Set Favorite Services for commonly requests.
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Create and manage your own Knowledge Base.

Ticket on Calendar


Interactive calendar to show schedule and schedules from multiple points of view.

Have servers and switches? They may want Asset Management?

An Asset Management Module Built into the System


Manage the different elements of configuration, having a full inventory.

Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) in an ITIL concept for the central repository of all assets involved in providing a service, includes different relationships between the assets and between the assets and contacts, incidents, problems or changes.

Multiple CI Types

High level of configuration and structure

Customize CIs the way you need them (define types, associate attributes and states, define relationships between them…). Generate an inventory of CIs from the asset catalog and control their lifecycle.

Network Discovery

Automatic Scanning of Network Assets!

Discover automatically your network equipment (pc, servers and domain servers). and generate an inventory with CMDB Integration.

ITIL Ready

Asset and Configuration Management Using ITIL® Best Practises

ServiceTonic IT Service Management Software lets you automate most common ITSM processes aligned with ITIL® best practices and being certified by PinkVERIFY, which is the most mature and rigorous IT service management software and tools verification program in the world.

* ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

Track each Ticket Through to Resolution and Run Reports to Track KPIs

We Ensure a Quick Implementation and Great Support!

A Quick Installation that Integrates IT and Other Internal Services

Start a service quickly with predefined service design templates

ServiceTonic’s Multiservice capability allows you to provide your business area with your own Service Desk fully configured according to your needs and all in one single ServiceTonic instance.

Optimize operational costs

By automating, centralizing and synchronizing the work of your teams and agents.

Have complete control of the service, resources, equipment, agents and users. Simplify the management of the service in a single ticketing platform.

IT management software fully customizable without coding.

High level configuration without coding

ServiceTonic is highly configurable without programming, adapting to your organization and the most demanding business needs, quickly. Easily adapt the design to the needs of your services without coding.

A team of ITIL® certified consultants at your service

Our Certified ITIL Experts will lead your team to better implementation of IT Service Management processes

The quality of our service is guaranteed by certified consultants at various levels of ITIL®.

* ITIL® is a registered trademark of Axelos Limited.

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