The Operational Level Agreement (OLA) is an agreement between an IT service provider and another part of the same organization (eg, Systems Area, Development Area, …) which defines the goods and services that are provided and the responsibilities of both parties.
The Underpinning Contract (UC) is a formal contract between an IT service provider and an external provider of a Support Service (Support).
UC’s may contain references to general terms and conditions or a first additional section that specifies commercial and legal details, as well as defining objectives and responsibilities necessary to comply with the service levels agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Remember that by agreeing to an SLA, the Service Level Manager acts as a service provider to the business; however, in the cases of OLA / UC it has the role of client.

ServiceTonic 7 incorporates a complete Operational Level Agreement / UC management system that will allow you to avoid risks of non-compliance with the SLAs that you as a service provider have agreed upon with your clients.
ServiceTonic 7 can manage one or more OLA’s and UC’s in each SLAs allowing it to exploit the level of compliance of each of them independently.
The use of OLA’s and UC’s will help you make the appropriate decisions and make the necessary adjustments in order to maximize the level of compliance with your SLA’s.