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Optimize customer service through the new functionality included in the chat: the Chatbot.

Tonic el Chatbot de Servicetonic®
Chatbot de Servicetonic®

Quickly solve your clients’ most common requests

Chatbot is a functionality which, thanks to the configuration defined by the agent, gives immediate response to the most common user queries, allowing you to optimize customer service while freeing your agents, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks.

«Offer 24×7 customer service. Tonic is always available to meet your users’ needs»

Benefits of having a Chatbot

  • Availability 24 × 7
  • Immediate responses
  • Most satisfied customers
  • Reduction of repetitive workload for the human team

Where can I use the ServiceTonic® Chatbot?

There are two main ways to use the Chatbot:

Chatbot in the User Portal

Some Chatbot configuration examples for your User Portal

Chatbot to open Tickets

Allow users to open Tickets directly from the Chatbot tool. Streamline the communication between your clients and your company.

Chatbot to query the knowledge database

Set the Chatbot so that your users, through a keyword search, find the answers they need in your knowledge database.

Chatbot to specific websites

Allow your users to directly access the URLs that solve problems or offer relevant information.

Tonic el Chatbot de Servicetonic

Do not forget the human side, redirect your users to an agent when they need to expand on the information provided by the chatbot.

Chatbot on your corporate website

Some examples of configuration to offer information on your website

Chatbot to request information

Use the chatbot to offer future customers information about your services or products, allowing them to contact an agent.

Chatbot to respond users’ queries

Offer your clients a channel to solve incidents or make commercial queries. Configure it to meet your needs.

Chatbot to direct users to value-added URLs

Are you planning on launching a product or promoting a new service? Direct your customers through these URLs and show them everything you have to offer. Without downplaying human value. Put your customers in touch with your agents whenever they can’t find the answers they need in the Chatbot. A Chatbot can never replace a human.

Tonic el Chatbot de Servicetonic

Customize the Chatbot to your liking, and combine these settings in the workspace that suits you best, User Portal or website.

This service offers a record of the entire conversation between the client and the Chatbot. Thanks to this record, the agent can quickly access the conversation between the customer and Chatbot and manage to give a more informed answer to the user. In other words:


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