ICEX Spain Exports and Investments, organizes the Spanish participation in WEB SUMMIT 2015 that will take place in Dublin (Ireland) on 3, 4 and 5 November 2015.
ServiceTonic has been selected to participate in this event by the hand of ICEX after successfully overcoming the selection process of Spanish candidates in this event.
WEB SUMMIT is the largest technology event in Europe. It takes place in Dublin from November 3 to 5, 2015. It brings together the leading technology companies in the world together with smaller companies, startups and entrepreneurs, as well as the investment community and with a strong presence of media.
WEB SUMMIT has become in a short time one of the best conferences related to technology in the whole world, and the largest in all Europe. In 4 years (the first edition was held in 2010), the event has gone from 400 attendees to 22,000 in its 2014 edition, and more than 30,000 planned for the 2015 edition. Attendees come from more than 100 countries (55% Europe, 21% of America, 9% of Asia and 15% of the rest of the world), and also has the participation of more than 500 speakers and 1,000 journalists.
It is an important milestone for the company, since in this event the best technological professionals meet worldwide.
ServiceTonic will take advantage of the presence to analyze new trends, meet new potential Partners, Investors and of course, advance some of the news of the new version that will be launched soon on the market: ServiceTonic 5.5
Among them, the NEW FUNCTIONALITY of integrated CHAT stands out.
We hope to see you there and we invite you to our Stand B219 on Tuesday, November 3rd

More information in Web Summit:

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