A single point of communication for service users


The Service Center function is framed within ITIL v3 in the Service Operation phase and is a very important part since it must be the only point of contact for users in the daily service (SPOC, Single Point Of Contact).
The type, size, location, geographical distribution… of a Service Center can vary depending on the type of business, the number of users, the geography, the complexity of the calls, the scope of services …
As part of the overall strategy, managers must decide the exact nature of their service center, so that it is aligned as closely as possible to the needs of the business.


The main objective of a Service Center is customer satisfaction. For this, it is responsible for:

  • Providing a single point of communication for service users.
  • Coordinating work groups and service processes to ensure that agreed service levels are met.


The main tasks performed by the Service Center are:

  • Register, categorize and prioritize requests opened by clients.
  • Provide a first line of support, making a first diagnosis and solving requests.
  • Assign requests that you cannot solve.
  • Monitor the resolution of requests, scaling those for which there is a risk of breaching the Service Level Agreement.
  • Keep customers informed of the status of their requests.
  • Close the resolved requests, previous validation with the users.
  • Measure the level of user satisfaction.

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