Elecnor, through its managing entity “Llega800” will be responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the 4G service with DTT throughout Spain.

The operators of mobile telephony, Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange, will start to offer services from July 20 on the 4G network in the 800MHz band, operational since April 2015, which we will do as users of high-speed mobile connections over LTE technology (4G) with better coverage inside the buildings and the availability of the service in a greater geographical area
As part of the joint process set up by these operators, Elecnor has been awarded the contract to guarantee the compatibility of digital terrestrial television (DTT) and 4G mobile services in the 800MHz band.
Among the services that Elecnor will provide include, on the one hand, a previous procedure, prior to the start-up of the 4G transmitting stations, which includes the definition of the potential areas of affectation for each station and the possible placement of filters in the DTT receiving facilities in a preventive manner and free of charge to those users who request it. All the citizens of these areas will receive an informative communication about the procedure to follow to request the adaptation of the antenna of their building to avoid the potential affectations.
And, on the other hand, a corrective procedure, after the lighting of the stations, which involves the attention to the users, with the corresponding reception, management and resolution of possible incidents, also free of charge.

Elecnor has relied on ServiceTonic to use its software as an automation tool and management of the preventive and corrective procedures of “Llega800”.

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