Manage effectively a set of issues that define a problem

ServiceTonic Problem Management allows differentiated management of Incidents from Problems by following the recommendations of the ITIL methodology.
According to ITIL a Problem is “A cause of one or more incidents. The cause is not usually known at the time a problem record is created.”
The Problem Management Process is responsible for addressing investigate each of the problems, in order to avoid Incidents and to minimize the impact of those incidents which have not been avoided.

Service Automation

ServiceTonic allows to define and manage a problem by following the recommendations of the ITIL methodology. Some of the aspects that ServiceTonic incorporates to manage this process include:

  • Proactively Problem Creation.
  • Creating a Problem from an Incident.
  • Relate an Incident with one or more problems.
  • Problem relationship with the CMDB CIs.
  • Use of the various concepts related to Problem Management such as Problem, Known Error, Workaround, Solution.
  • Known Errors and Workarounds Consultation from an incident.
  • Workaround Transfer to a Problem Related Incidents.
  • Automatic closing Incidents related to a problem when solved definitively.
  • Usage of ServiceTonic functionalities for Resolution Automation including Prioritization, Assignments, Escalations, SLAs management, Notifications and Reporting.

Key Benefits

Proactive and effective Problem Management provides the following benefits:

  • Identification of incidents causes and implementation of corrective measures to avoid its recurrence.
  • Proactive problem management to avoid the generation of incidents.
  • Technical team productivity and efficiency Increase.
  • Improved user satisfaction (fewer incidents and faster resolution of existing).
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