Through surveys, our clients tell us how they see us and what we need to improve

Surely, you have asked someone to take a picture of you.
In their essence, surveys are the same. We ask our customers to portray us, to share how they see us.
Let us see how to ask them for the picture and get the most valuable information.

What to ask?

Before asking, we need to know what we want to know.
We will prepare a list of topics, and then select the ones that interest us the most. For example, “identify unsatisfied clients in order to attend them”, “understand how best to serve” or “know the reasons for dissatisfaction in our service”.
It would be ideal to solve all our doubts in a single survey, but the longer it is, the less effectiveness it has. Thus, we want to set up a concise but effective survey.

How to ask?

Once we are clear about what we want to know, it is time to prepare the questions. Follow these tips that will help you get better response rates:

The 1st tip: in 10 seconds

The subject of the email must announce that it is a survey and the time it will take to complete it.

A survey, if brief, is twice as good

The shorter the survey, the more people will respond and the quality of their answers will be greater too.
Time is money; if we convince the user to answer, do not waste that opportunity.
Be straight forward to what we need to know, do we need more than 1 question? Do we need to steal more than 60 seconds from them? Can we submit the survey with fewer clicks, screens…? In this case, less questions and time mean more responses and better quality.
In addition, as it is a quick survey to answer, the email should be quick to read too. We will write a short text that encourages answering and at the same time informs about relevant issues such as time to respond, purpose, if they get a benefit, etc.

What was your name?

There are questions we can retrieve from our database.
We will save time by omitting personal questions like name, gender, age, purchase, etc

No middle options 

Prepare an even number of answer choices for each question. Otherwise, study shows that users tend to randomly pick the middle answer choice, giving wrong statistics and defeating the purpose of the survey.

A hook

We can encourage completing the survey by offering money, gift vouchers, interesting or educational content, etc.
Avoid raffles or contests that are less attractive because they do not assure a reward if the survey is completed.
Otherwise, opt for a persuasive wording that gives an intangible value to the client, such as belonging to our community, personal interest in improving the service we provide, etc.

A software tool

We recommend using a Service Desk to manage surveys, it is the way to integrate feedback into the operation of our service and to ensure continuous improvement.
What can a Service Desk software do for us?
 Automate sending surveys when a ticket is closed.
 Escalate – connect unsatisfied clients to brand representatives or technicians who can attend their needs.
Create dynamic surveys that show specific fields just in certain degrees of dissatisfaction..
 Measure the results with graphs and statistics that help make informed decisions.

The main advantage is that we are able to work faster and the customers receive our attention immediately, contributing to their satisfaction.

Surveys that work

Knowing what questions to ask and how to make them is not enough. In order to make surveys that work, we need to use the knowledge strategically.
Surveys show us what we need to improve in order to retain our customers, some key information for the development of our company.
Apply these tips to ensure continuous improvement of your services and use them as a competitive advantage in the market.

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