Increase customer satisfaction with an on-line chat support

The expectations and demands of costumers are increasing in the digital age, and digital customer service is starting to be essential for success.
A study by Live Person estimates that the majority (83%) of consumers globally need some support when browsing a website. Consider these great benefits of having an online chat support service if your company does not have one yet:

1. Increase customer satisfaction and trust

Being readily accessible and offering useful information in digital channels are key elements of customer satisfaction and trust.
With a chat, we can give immediate answers to any question or doubt of the customer; we can even send articles, documents or information from our knowledge database to attend them directly.
In fact, “Live chat has the highest levels of satisfaction within all customer service channels”, said a study by eDigital Research.

The main reason why chat increases customer satisfaction is “the ability to be answered quickly and the ability to multi-task when communicating” (eDigital Research)

2. Gain a competitive advantage

Many companies still have not implemented an online chat on their website, missing a great opportunity there. It is as simple as letting the customers speak directly with us, a competitive advantage over the competition.

3. Use conversation history as a tool

The conversation history is a great tool both for pure marketing purposes and for monitoring the quality our services.
On the one hand, a marketing manager can analyze what the needs and desires of the consumers are, as well as to attend common doubts or concerns proposing improvements and changes to the product or service. In turn, we can optimize our website with this valuable information.
A practical example:
If we notice many questions about a product, it may mean there it is appealing or, for instance, that there is a deficiency in the description of the product.
On the other hand, the history is a great way to measure our customer service performance and ensure the best service.

4. Increase the probability of purchase and make more

Online chat is one of the least expensive (if not the least) ways to get live support. At the same time, it is a way to decrease the dropout rate before purchase.
Not having enough information about the product (56%), wanting to ask a question and not finding the answer (37%), and the difficulty in obtaining some kind of help (30%) are the common reasons for abandoning online purchases. (Live Person)

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