CTI is the framework that enables you to build and integrate your telephone system with ServieTonic

At ServiceTonic, we are happy to announce the release of the ServiceTonic Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) framework. With this framework, you can integrate telephony with your ServiceTonic help desk easily and effectively.
The CTI framework solves a lot of problems associated with helpdesk. It instantly brings the customer much closer to the support team.
After implementing the integration, agent will save time to search for the customer’s details. He will be presented with the customer details and quick reference to the history of tickets raised for the customer – letting the agent predict the reason for the call – all from within ServiceTonic.

The functionalities that will strongly benefit the agent

Faster conversion of “Calls to the Help Desk” to “Tickets”

Even though ServiceTonic provides for Self-service capabilities for end users by means of the User Portal, Service Catalog, Chat and Email Integration, customers will still need the phone support, at least for the time being. Since phone is one of the important channels for a multi-channel helpdesk we believe we should more tightly link it to our help desk solution.
Within the CTI framework, once an agent receives a call, a new window with ServiceTonic information will open, giving the ability to quickly create a new ticket from the conversation or update an existing one.
Overall, it will save considerable amount of time.

Some quick information about the customer

The customer’s department and location – If the customer is requesting a service, the agent can easily personalize the message to the user – does his department have access to the service, is the service available in the customer’s location, or what’s the estimated time for the service delivery based on this information.
What kind of a user is he – Many organizations might have a ‘VIP flag’ set for certain customers. Requests from these customers might have to be handled with a different SLA.
Ticket History for the customer – Agents quickly know if the user is calling about an existing issue, already reported, without having to ask the user the ticket id, because all his recent tickets are listed the moment the agent receives the call.
For example, a stranded user calling to check when his Road Side Assistance will show up since its already been 30 mins that he has called for help, and he is stuck with a broken car in the middle of nowhere.

After all, customers are not going to stay with a company if their support cannot remember or quickly pull details about his last complaint..

Making it easier for the Agent

The agent can start documenting the interactions with the user, immediately after the initial greetings. Agents also have the option to make personal notes for only the support team.
This detailed documentation will provide a wider background in creating better knowledge articles to be added to the knowledge base.
These private notes are also helpful in case the ticket must be reassigned or escalated to a different team.
Works with any Softphone.

Works with any Softphone

The CTI integration works with almost any softphone systems that you might be using. For more details about this new feature or to test if your helpdesk can benefit from this feature, please request a demo session or contact us.

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