Hourly contracts to control maintenance and guarantees

Contracts by hours

Contracts by hours are ideal for controlling maintenance periods and guarantees, whenever hired hours of service are consumed, they are automatically deducted from the total.
The advantage of contract management is to account automatically the compliance of contracts, regulating agreed time and service parameters.
With your ServiceTonic you can also set alerts to warn you before reaching the limit or exceeding it and know the status of all contracts in real time.

Types of contracts

The contracts may be by hours, tickets, or duration in time.

  • Hours: Defined by a maximum of hours of service associated with a contract.
  • Tickets: When you hire a pack of tickets. Defined by a maximum of tickets associated wotj a contract.
  • Period: It has a fixed duration in time. Unlimited hours or tickets.

You can associate each ticket to the client’s contract from the Service Desk, so it will automatically subtract hours or add tickets.

How do they work?

New field in tickets

Impute hours and minutes

There is a new field in tickets called “Accounting”.

Select the value “To contract” in the field “Accounting”, and the ticket associates with the available contracts of the client.
We can impute hours and minutes or tickets.

Once the ticket goes to closed state * we will see it in the contract as “Accounted”.

Depending on the type of contract, it will subtract hours or add tickets.

Each contract has a maximum of hours, tickets or limit in a period of time.

It is possible to exceed the limits of the contract as well as it generates alerts of all types (before reaching the limit, when exceeding it, etc.)

Seek Help in your ServiceTonic to find all you need to know to set up and use contract management.

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