Maintaining a happy work environment with motivated and satisfied employees is key to business success

Increasing efficiency and employee productivity in the workplace is crucial for all companies.
A good environment helps make teams productive and committed to the company, and thus get more satisfied customers. Therefore, happier people.

1. Improve communication between employees

Communication at work is essential, it avoids conflicts, it helps the best ideas to flow and strengthens working relationships among peers. Activities such as Scrum Meetings or incorporating an internal chat, are simple-to-implement actions with guaranteed results.

  • A Scrum Meeting is a periodical meeting used to align all employees working on the same project.
  • Set weekly or daily (depending on the context), it invites team members to expose the current status of their tasks, as well as their next goals and tasks.
  • This way, the team can adapt and synchronize, increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

On the other hand, implementing an internal chat can also help improve the workplace communication. By enabling instant messaging among employees, you can reduce the large amount of internal emails, phone calls and the time spent in visits at the other workers’ tables.

2. Use technology and automate processes

Numerous technologies increase the efficiency of work in the company.
For example, the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) automates customer service.
The aim of SPOC is to gather all the inputs in order to align and manage them. Customers get a single output or more, but they always perceive that their requests are managed efficiently. This way, the customers/users feel better attended and their satisfaction and confidence in the company increases.
The key point is to reduce the number of hours in tasks that can be automated.

3. Encourage taking small breaks

Numerous studies prove that taking small mental breaks, such as a short walk, increases attention and efficiency.

Taking small breaks is the best thing you can do to increase focusing and attention on long tasks. Dr. Alejandro Lleras (professor of psychology at the University of Illinois)

This advice follows the idea that “the brain is made to detect and respond to change” i.e., not taking a break from a long task is counterproductive by diminishing the attention of the person.

4. Organize activities/celebrations that motivate employees

Working in a happy work environment with motivated and satisfied employees is essential.
Activities such as celebrations invite to have a good time with coworkers and tighten relationships, thus it builds cohesion between different areas or departments improving horizontal and vertical communication.
Celebrations are also considered a sign of gratitude for the commitment and extra effort employees make for the organization.

Simple changes can make a big difference, satisfied employees are productive employees.

It takes time to develop a favorable working environment, nevertheless, it has great benefits: workers give their best performance to the company and solid work teams are built so the company achieves its goals.

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