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Instant communication between workspace members.

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Efficient management of Workspaces

Nowadays, teleworking is becoming more and more important. That is why Servicetonic® has developed this collaborative tool, an online place where all members of a workspace, whether agents or users, can share their knowledge. ForumTonic also allows communication between all members of a team.

«Stay connected with your colleagues and clients no matter where they are and keep on working effectively with ServiceTonic®»

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Our Objective

Facilitate communication between members of a work team.

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Through the creation of workspaces, give your agents and users access to open channels with defined themes, allow the creation of private channels, and authorize the sending of direct messages between members of a team subscribed to that workspace.

Forumtonic Collaboration Tool


Workspaces must be linked to one or N services. Invite your agents to subscribe to these in order to access their content.


Within each workspace, you can create as many channels as desired. These can be open, accessible to all those subscribed to the workspace, or private, where the creator of the workspace can invite those agents, subscribed to the workspace, who wish to do so.


Within the channels there will be topics where agents and users can interact with each other: spaces where to upload files, communicate with colleagues and customers, discuss work matters and much more.

Direct Messages

Enable direct and fast communication between users. ServiceTonic® allows direct messages, an instant communication between two agents or subscribed users to the workspace.

«Stay connected to your colleagues and customers no matter where they are and continue to work effectively with ServiceTonic®»

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